Meal Plan // 08.02.16

Ok... so really didn't stick to last weeks meal plan. We may have had a takeaway.... ok we had THREE takeaways last week.

I was celebrating the fact that I finally got out of my overdraft and whilst it may not have been the best way to celebrate, we all thoroughly enjoyed the food. Plus Lucas we were all ill (bar Cameron) and I really didn't feel in the mood to cook.

So at least half a stone heavier, I am ready to start the week fresh with a new meal plan that I will stick to.


Gammon, Egg & Chips


Pancakes!!! Freshly made with sugar and lemon juice (Nutella for the boys)


Slow Cooked Pulled Pork In Rolls


It's Matt's Birthday so we are off out for a meal at Jamie's Italian.  They contacted me a few weeks back asking me to review, what a perfect opportunity


Fry Up


Fish, Mashed Potatoes and Baked Beans


Spaghetti and Meatballs

What's on your menu this week?


5 Things // Week 2

5 Things I Did This Week:

1. I reinstalled Google Adsense back on the blog. It was frustrating and it gave me a headache, but it's there! I now have to work out how to optimise the adverts.

2. I set up My Avon Store. Basically from the 11th February, anyone in the country can order Avon from me and get it delivered straight to their door. I then get commission on the order. I will be writing a blog post when the store is live. 

3. Got out of my overdraft! After spending way too much over Christmas it's taken me two months to get out of my overdraft. I am so relieved I have finally done it. I am hoping that it stays that way but we have the MOT coming up so you never know.

4. Ate far too many takeaways. It was a way to celebrate coming out of my overdraft. Which is stupid really because I could have put the money back for our holiday in June.

5. Last week I said I wanted to spend more time on Twitter chatting to friends instead of just promoting the blog. I have made a good start this week and it's so nice and refreshing to chat to people. 

5 Great Things To Happen This Week:

1. I managed to schedule a good amount of posts for the week. It was lovely to know that when I was away looking after Lucas, my blog was continuing in the background. 

2. Sponsored Posts. I have been really lucky this week to secure a few good sponsored posts. It's a brilliant start to me returning to Freelance Writing. 

3. Cameron got an award at school. He has been wanting this award for so long. He literally ran out of the school gate with a huge smile on his face to tell me he had got it. He got to stand up in assembly and receive his certificate. He is very proud of himself. 

4. I woke up Sunday morning to find that I had earned £3 on Google Adsense overnight! I am not sure how or why, but since the maximum amount I usually get is a couple of pence. So naturally I was really pleased.

5. I've gone up in the Tots 100 scores. I know I always harp on about scores do not matter. But it is nice to see, especially when I have really been making an effort with the blog lately. 

5 Things Which Sucked This Week:

1. Lucas developed wheeze over the weekend. Whilst Lucas has always been a wheezy baby, unlike Cameron, he can usually fight it off without the need of steroids and hospital visits. However this time he couldn't. Monday evening, we took him to the Dr's and although he was suffering, he wasn't that bad. After a sleepless night of counting his breaths per minute every couple of house, we were back at the Dr's Tuesday morning. I put my case forward about his increased breathing, his tugging in under the ribs and how his inhaler wasn't relieving it enough. The outcome.... steroids. I had mixed feelings about the steroids. Happy that I knew Lucas would get better quickly with the steroids. I was also sad, sad that Lucas could go down the same route Cameron is on.  

2. Lucas with wheeze/a cough means that Lucas is sick... a lot! His Hypersensitive Gag Reflex plays up and he is just sick everywhere. I've lost count this week how many times I have washed his bedding and every time I have to wash his actual duvet. I have to wash it in the bath, let it drip dry and then dry it fully on the radiator. I really must get him a spare one. 

3. Matt gave me his cold. I wouldn't mind if it was a mild cold and I could still get on with housework but this was awful and combined with Lucas being ill, it was hell. I just wanted to sleep.

4. I broke one of the kids bowls. I was walking out into the kitchen with two bowls stacked on each other. One was a plastic kids bowl, the other was make out of china. Suddenly, my hand forgot it was holding anything just literally let go and they went crashing to the kitchen floor. The china one remained intact but the plastic one, which is Cameron's favourite, broke. I know accidents happen but I felt so so bad.

5. This weather! So now we are on Storm Imogen! I am fed up of this wet and windy weather especially during the day. Luckily I live on a hill, so I am relatively safe from all the floods. But last night, the neighbour's storm drain lifted off and waves of water were going down the hill. At least the alloys on my car had a good wash. 

5 Things I Want To Do Next Week:

1. Make Matt's birthday cake with Cameron. 

2. Catch up on the washing. All week I have been washing Lucas's clothes, bedding, toys and anything else his sick has landed on.

3. Help Cameron with his school project. He has to make a model of a dinosaur

4. Enjoy Pancake Day with the family

5. Take Lucas to toddler group. Every Monday I say I am going to go. Tuesday comes around and one of kids have had a bad night sleep or one of them is ill and we have to cancel.

My Sunday Photo // 07.02.16

Ever since Lucas was born, I always said I could't wait for the day they walked hand in hand. The bond between them is so strong. 

Lucas idolises Cameron and Cameron always makes sure Lucas has toys to play with and gives him a cuddle when he's hurt. 

I hope they always remain this close. 


Why I Dislike 100% Attendance Certificates // 04.02.16

I really dislike 100% Attendance Certificates and the perks that children get for 100% attendance. In fact I think it should all be banned. 

In the past few years I have heard that children not only get certificates, they also get prizes. This could be a new bike, a trip to somewhere nice and I have even read about a school who gifted it's pupils Kindles for 100% attendance. 

I am not sure of the process at Cameron's school, to be honest, I haven't taken much notice. Cameron will never achieve 100% attendance because of his wheeze. At the time of writing this Cameron has had around 2 1/2 weeks off school already because of his wheeze.   

Believe me, this is not the reason I don't like the 100% attendance perks, even if Cameron managed 100%, I would still have the same opinion. I truly believe they are wrong. 

The main reason children are absent from school is illness. So if a child has 100% attendance for the term or year isn't the school just recognising that the child has a superb immune system? 

The child doesn't choose to be ill for goodness sake, so why are schools punishing the child for something out of the child's control? 

If a child has an episode of D&V, they have to be away from school for 48 hours. So if it happens on a Sunday, the child can not return to school before Wednesday. Those rules were implemented by the school (and NHS) for obvious reasons, but it's not the child's fault that they miss 2 days of school. The D&V could be a one off and not contagious, but by sticking by the rules the school set, the school are then going to essentially punish the child for it. The child will miss out of the certificate and prize. 

Another scenario is a parent sends their child to school unwell and very contagious. Maybe because the school has sent a letter out requesting this, the parent can't take time off work or they want their child to achieve 100% attendance. That child then infects half the class. Those children then have to have time off school to recover. Again this is not their fault and why should they be punished for it?

I read in an article last year that a child was in hospital after having a car accident and because he didn't attend school, he missed out on the 100% prize of a new bike. The mother appealed to the school but they responded that rules were rules and they couldn't make exceptions. The boy was left distraught. After all, it wasn't his fault he was in a car accident and he was being punished for it. 

In my opinion 100% attendance certificates and associated perks should be banned from all schools, I find them to be very unfair and bordering on discrimination. I feel that it would be better to hand out certificates and perks to children for other reasons. For example, working hard and making good progress. But they should be based on the individual child and not a competition between everyone. Every child should be able to get a working hard and making good progress award. 

If Cameron ever gets upset because he didn't get a certificate for 100% attendance or a prize, I would go out and buy him a prize. A bigger and much better prize than the school would offer. I would tell him that he earned that prize, because he was a brave boy having to go to hospital over and over again, being hooked up to oxygen masks, nebulisers and having to take yucky tasting steroids. He was a brave boy when being told that he must rest, that he's not allowed to run around like a 'normal' child and he must stay inside. It's not his fault that his lungs don't work properly and I am sure as hell not going to let him be made to feel bad over something that is entirely out of his control.

What's your opinion on 100% attendance certificates?


10 Reasons Why My Son Gets Out Of Bed At Night // 03.02.16

We have the same bedtime routine for Cameron most nights. He gets into bed, I read him a story, then he will watch Neflix for an hour before he falls asleep. However lately, Cameron is becoming a real pain at bedtime and it feels like he spends more time out of bed than in bed.

I hear it's a phase they go through, so here are the reasons why Cameron gets up at night.

1. Needs the toilet

It's amazing how many times Cameron needs to go to toilet in the hour he is watching Netflix. I've counted 4 times whilst writing this post. I am not sure if he is actually going to the toilet each time. I have caught him in the past not actually going to the toilet, instead he is playing with water in the sink.

2. Needs a drink

Cameron drinks a lot, he always has (no, he doesn't have a medical condition) but at night he really drinks a lot. This obviously contributes to the point above of needed the toilet.

3. He's hungry

Cameron can eat for England. I doubt he is really 'Hungry' it's just another excuse to get out of bed

4. Wants a cuddle and be tucked in

I have no problem cuddling Cameron and tucking him in but after the 4th or 5th time it can get a bit annoying.

5. Lucas is annoying him

Cameron and Lucas have completely different sleeping patterns. Lucas usually stays up a lot later that Cameron. Lucas just chills and plays with his toys or watches Team Umizoomi. Lucas however is a very vocal toddler and likes to scream and shout. If Cameron is trying to relax and Lucas wants his attention, Lucas will throw things across the room at him. Lucas will shout loudly until Cameron pays him attention.  Lucas will also lean over his bed and constantly tap the touch lamp they have, transforming their room into a strobe light disco. Cue Cameron coming to tell me that Lucas is annoying him.

6. Netflix isn't working

Cameron's PS3 has a really weak connection to our WiFi and often drops out. If we have the microwave on it also interferes with the connection to Netflix. So it's quite common for Cameron to come out and ask if we have the microwave on. This isn't his fault obviously.

7. Spilled his drink on himself/his bedding

I don't know about your 5 year old, but mine is clumsy! Even will a spill proof lid, Cameron still spills drinks.

8. To tell me something random

Cameron will often come out of bed to tell me something random. Most of the time it's very cute and I love hearing him talk about different things that he has been thinking about. But I am only human and after the 3rd time, it can get annoying, especially if I am working. I have to remind him that he should be in bed and if he doesn't stay in bed, he will be in trouble.

9. He's too hot or too cold

I have to keep reminding him that if he's too hot then to take his jammy bottoms off, if he then gets cold to put them back on. He honestly doesn't need my help to do it. If he did need my help, then obviously I would help him.

10. He cant sleep

My answer is always the same. Stop getting out of bed and you might be able to go to sleep.

What reasons do your children have for getting out of bed at night?


50 Blog Post Ideas // For All Bloggers

We all get moments in time where we encounter 'Writers Block' and don't know what to write about. So here is a handy list of 50 different Blog Post Ideas for all types of bloggers to help you find something to write about.

  1. A Meal Plan  
  2. Wordless Wednesday 
  3. My Sunday Photo  
  4. Favourite Blog Posts
  5. Round Up Of The Week 
  6. Photo Dump 
  7. Share A Recipe 
  8. A Tutorial 
  9. Blogging Tips 
  10. Wish List 
  11. A Q&A Post 
  12. Start A 20 Day Challenge
  13. A Day In The life.... 
  14. Your Music Playlist 
  15. A Book Review
  16. A Bucket List
  17. A Story From Your Childhood 
  18. What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self
  19. Your Views On A Current Event
  20. The Story Of Why You Started Blogging
  21. A Review Of Your Favourite Food/Drink
  22. Five Items You Cant Live Without
  23. Ten Things Your Believe
  24. Birthday Wish List
  25. Christmas Wish List
  26. Write A Letter To Someone
  27. Current Goals
  28. Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years?
  29. Remembering Your First Day Of School
  30. Your Earliest Memory
  31. The Story Of How You And Your Partner Met
  32. The Scariest Moment Of You Life
  33. Favourite Childhood TV Programmes/Films
  34. If You Could Change One Thing In Your Past
  35. Your Favourite Comfort Foods
  36. Tour Of Your Home
  37. An Interview With....
  38. Word Of The Week
  39. Your Childhood Best Friend
  40. Your Childhood Pets
  41. How Your Blogging Style Has Changed Since You Began
  42. Most Embarrassing Moments Of Your Life
  43. Your Favourite Season Of The Year
  44. Your Favourite TV Series
  45. Host a Giveaway
  46. Ask Someone To Guest Post
  47. Write About Awareness Days/Months
  48. Create & Share A Free Resource
  49. Share A Life Hack
  50. Weight Loss Story/Update
So there we have it, 50 Blog Post Ideas for when you have no idea what to write about.