Lucas // 12-15 month Update

I haven't really done an update with Lucas lately. I was in denial that he was developmentally behind. After the problems we had with Cameron I was scared and upset we were going to be going through it again.

Lucas is now 15 months old, not only is he not walking, he is not crawling. Although his weaning issues are better, they are not perfect and eating can still be a challenge for Lucas. He will also only drink milk, despite daily attempts to get him to drink water. Lucas has also started humming words. Cameron hummed words when he was a toddler, which not only led to me starting this blog, it lead to endless appointments with Speech Therapists and me fighting the system as they were convinced he was Autistic.

I spoke to the Health Visitor this last week and she is coming up on Monday to do a full assessment and see where we go from there. It seems like we will be going to physiotherapy to help him crawl/walk and speech therapy in order to help with his eating and speech.

I am not going to lie, I feel like a massive failure. I now have two kids that are or have been developmentally delayed and it makes me wonder what on earth I have done wrong! Yes, I could probably spend more time with them if I tried, but apart from that, I really have no clue how I have messed up! I shouldn't need help to bring my children up!

So we will see what is said on Monday and go from there.

Apart from the above issues, Lucas is a happy and contented little boy. He's always smiling, giggling and shouting. He rarely cries. He also still sleeps through the night.

At the moment, his favourite toys are his bricks. He goes everywhere with his bricks. He even takes at least one to bed with him. If anyone tries to take one of his bricks away from him, he instantly grabs it back. Not in a nasty way, but he makes you aware that it's his and not yours.

Whilst Lucas may not be able to crawl, he is very proficient in going backwards. We learnt this after trying to get him to crawl by putting his brick just out of his reach. What Lucas did next had us in fits of giggles. He turned round on his stomach, reversed, turned again and bang, he could grab the brick. He has a smug smile on his face when he gets it. Very clever of him, but it would have been so much easier if he had just crawled forwards! He does a similar thing in his cot, but uses the bars of the cot to push himself around.

He is able to stand, if you lift him up and make sure that he has his hands on something like the sofa to balance him, he just isn't really aware that he can move his legs to enable him to get somewhere. As he has the leg strength there, I am not concerned that there is something physically wrong with him.

His eating issues are not affecting his weight, We had him weighed last month and he's still around the 91st centile. He has a keen interest in all foods. He is always grabbing food off my plate. Last night, his hand went straight in my mayonnaise. He is just not very good at eating the food that ends up in his mouth.

Lucas loves being outside in his pushchair. He refuses to be strapped in, he shouts at me! So we compromised by just putting the lower half of the straps on, so he is still secure but he can sit up properly and have a look around.

This is Lucas's 'excited' face when I open the front door!

Lucas loves going to the park. He loves going on the swings. He would spend hours in a swing if he could.

Next time I write an update I should have some more positive news about Lucas's development.


Weekend Blog Hop // 24.04.15

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This weeks Blogger Showcase is the lovely Kimmie from Stuck In Scared. Kimmie wrote an awesome post called 'Somebody's Son' It is so beautifully written. I had tears in my eyes reading this. I think it really struck a chord with me because I have two boys and it makes me think that if for some reason one of my boys ended up on the street as an adult, someone would have compassion and help them.  

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Wordless Wednesday // 22.04.15

Single Mother Ahoy Wordless Wednesday

Weekly Weigh In // Number 6

This has been my first week back on the diet and it hasn't been as easy as I thought. To be honest I don't think I have given it 100% and that annoys me.

I did do more walking than I would usually do. I walked into town with Cameron to a birthday party. I would have walked back, but Lucas's weaning issues, meant he projectile vomited at the party and I had to get Matt to pick us up.

I have been drinking a lot more water (thank's to the hot weather) and have felt better for it. I still have to have my morning cup of tea. I am not sure I want to stop drinking this and I am not sure it would make much of a difference if I stopped it.

On a positive note, I haven't had any takeaways this week. I am craving battered sausage, chips and curry sauce but I have managed to refrain.

Eating breakfast is still a task for me, I am just not hungry at breakfast time.

I weighed myself today and took my measurements:

Starting Weight:


Week 6 Weight:

11st 12lb

Total Weight Loss:


Starting Measurements:

Bust 36"
Hips 41" 
Waist 36"
Leg 24"
Arms 13"

Week 6 Measurements:

Bust: 33" (No loss from last weigh in)
Hips: 38" (No loss from last weigh in)
Waist: 30" (-1" from last weigh in)
Leg: 21" (No Loss from last weigh in)
Arms: 12" (-1" from last weigh in)

Total inch Loss

10 inches (-2" from last weigh in)

So I haven't lost any weight but I have shifted 2 inches.

I really want to start shifting inches from my hips and I want to start losing at least a lb a week!

I checked my BMI using the NHS website and I have 6lbs to lose before I am deemed in the healthy weight category.

So targets for next week are:

Use the Wii Fit/Biggest Loser Game at least 3 times.

Record all my walking on Map My Walk.

Record all my food intake using My Fitness Pal and share next week.

Only one cup of tea a day, then water for the rest of the day.

No takeaways.

Eat breakfast.

Be careful with my portion sizes.

I am praying next week I will lose at least a pound.

Laura x x x


Mattress Next day // Mattress Topper

When we moved into our new home, just two weeks before Cameron was born, we were on a very tight budget. So we bought a cheap double bed from Argos.

Five years later our bed is in a terrible state, the base is broken and the mattress is sagging. The mattress also has holes in it, meaning we have had many a night being poked by springs.

We just haven't got the money to replace it at the moment.

So when I was asked if I would like to review a Mattress Topper, I was interested to see whether it could make a difference to our bed and enable both Matt and I to get a decent nights sleep. 

At first I was a bit dubious, as I thought nothing would be able to make our bed a decent bed to sleep in. I also haven't had a good experience before with memory foam. We bought some memory foam pillows last year and they were awful. They were very hard and uncomfortable. I like soft and squishy pillows. 

Essentials V40 1 Topper:

The mattress topper is 2.5cm deep and made out of memory foam. It is placed directly on top of your mattress and under your sheet. It uses your body temperature to mould to you body shape whilst you sleep. This enables the perfect position for your body. The pressure relief helps reduce tossing and turning for an improved nights sleep. 

What we thought:

When I got it out of the packaging and put it onto the base of the bed, it looked uneven at first. It seemed to be thicker in some places. As the photo shows.

However after an hour, it all evened out and I was able to make the bed. The bed sheet fit nicely on top of the mattress topper and mattress holding it all in place. 

The 'new' smell of this mattress can be a bit much for some people but I like it because it tells me I have something new. The website does advise that if you find the smell too much you can air it out for a few days in a well vented room to get rid of the smell. They also note that the smell is non toxic and will not set off any allergies. 

When I first led on the bed, I was absolutely amazed at the immediate difference. It felt like I was lying on a different bed. My once sagging mattress felt firm and supportive. That night I didn't have to worry about moving to a different position so I didn't get stabbed by springs. It was truly one of the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. 

At the time of writing this, the mattress topper only costs £19.99. This is a fabulous price to transform and extend the life of your current bed.

I would highly recommend this product for those who can not afford to purchase a new bed. 

Do you use a mattress topper? Would you consider buying one before purchasing a new bed?

Laura x x x


Weekend Blog Hop // 17.04.15

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