Wicked Uncle // E-Toy Shop

I was recently asked by Wicked Uncle if I would like to try out their service. When I logged onto the website to have a look, I was instantly impressed. Their website is not only organised into age groups, it is also organised into gender categories. 

Now before you shout at me about how boys should be able to play with girls toys and girls should be able to play with boys toys, let me stop you there. I agree! 

Let me explain!

Cameron gets invited to a ton of birthday party invites, both boys and girls. Now being a Mum of two boys I can hazard a pretty good guess at the kind of presents that boys would enjoy. When it comes to girls I am absolutely clueless. When I ask Cameron what his 'girl' friends would like he shrugs his shoulders and says 'I don't know'. So this is where Wicked Uncle's gender categories would really help me choose a brilliant present. 

Wicked Uncle states on their website about why they use gender categories:

"So people can find what they are looking for faster. 
We don't insist that girls only get girly things and 'suitable' girls' toys, you will
find plenty of science, fun and cooking in both sections. The age
categories are sorted by popularity by default. Because certain things are bought
a lot for girls, they will therefore be in the top part of the pages, but keep looking down and you will
find the intro to engineering and the construction kits."

"If something is in one gender section but not in another, it is because we have tried it
and it really doesn't sell, so there is no point in leaving it there. The big
exception is pink. We tend not to put pink, girl stuff in the boys section, because it really
doesn't sell there. It is in the girls section, because some girls actually like that stuff. 
Weird, but there you are. 
We are currently doing a site redesign and we will have the option to 
choose "All" coming shortly"

Wicked Uncle also have a search bar at the top of their page if you are looking for a specific toy or not comfortable using the gender category. 

When the kids went to bed, I sat down to order their new toys. It did take me a while to choose as Wicked Uncle have so many fabulous toys to choose from.

For Lucas I chose some wooden building blocks. Whenever we are at Cameron's friends house, Lucas always goes straight over to the wooden blocks, so this was a perfect find for me. 

For Cameron, I knew I wanted to get him something educational, something that would he would play with for more than 10 minutes and something he could learn from. When I came across Ant World, I knew he had to have it. He has always been fascinated with the ants in our front garden. 

I chose the standard delivery for the toys which costs £2.95. This is irrespective of size and weight. The delivery date is 2-3 days after you place your order.

You can also choose Express Delivery for £8.95. This means (apart from weekends) your toys will be delivered the next day. 

Our order was delivered in two days and I also had helpful email communications from Wicked Uncle to let me know my order was dispatched. This also included a tracking code so I knew when it would be delivered. 

Overall, I am very impressed with Wicked Uncle, not only has it been a massive help to me when choosing presents for my kids and also Cameron's friends, it will also be very useful for Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents for choosing toys for the kids for their birthdays and Christmas. I love the fact that you can also add a birthday card in with the toys. The birthday cards are hand written which gives it that extra special touch.

Note: We were given £40 to spend at Wicked Uncle in order to review their website. As always all opinions are independently formed. 

Having a Break // Sometime's it's needed!

You might have noticed that this is my first post in 8 weeks.

8 weeks ago, I had had enough. I was going through a hormonal crash and constantly bleeding. I was also constantly exhausted. I found myself sleeping at every opportunity I could. I wasn't spending enough quality time with my children and I wasn't being a very good partner to Matt. The blog also went to pot.

After a trip to the Dr's I found out that I was anaemic. The Dr put it down to the constant bleeding and prescribed me Iron tablets to help. It wasn't just being anaemic that was a problem, it was everything going on at that time was just too much for me to handle

The Dr decided to put me on the normal pill. It was a risk because of my previous history of migraines. It turned out to be a big mistake. Within 12 hours, I had only what I can only describe as morning sickness. After just two days of being best friends with the toilet, I threw the tablets away in frustration. It shouldn't be this hard in 2015 to find a suitable method of contraception!

I rang the Dr and begged her to try the copper coil. I don't know why I hadn't tried it before! The only noted side effects were heavier periods. That I could deal with. The coil went in, with me sobbing uncontrollably at the Dr in pain. No amount of anesthesia can numb the pain of someone clamping your cervix to hold it in place. This was my third coil and believe me, I would rather give birth without pain relief! Just 24 hours after, the darn coil 'fell out'! I was gutted. Now I have to wait for another appointment for my Dr to put another one back in.

Because I was being a disorganised mess, with no hope of getting a handle on things anytime soon, I decided to take the 6 weeks summer holidays off. That way I could get organised, get back into a routine and have some control over the situation.

I have spent lots of quality time with Cameron and Lucas. We have had so much fun. I also spent lots of time with Matt, which was definitely needed. I managed to get the house into some reasonable order and I also had chance to relax.

It also gave me chance to get ahead with the blog by scheduling posts and changing the Weekend Blog Hop to how I want it to run. I also have lots of plans for this blog in the pipeline so watch this space.

Unfortunately my 6 weeks break was not all fun. On the 21st August, my Nan sadly passed away. My heart is broken and it feels like part of me has died with her. I am missing her so much. She had been suffering from ill health for a while. But now she is reunited with my Grampy and no longer suffering and that makes me happy.


Weekly Weigh In // Week 11

Last week I wrote more about the constant bleeding and how I was awaiting a Dr's appointment to try to get to the bottom of why I am still bleeding.

Since last week, my mood swings have calmed down a lot. Now I am just in despair as to why it won't stop. How much blood can I possibly have to lose?

Anyway, Dr's appointment was yesterday. I explained what had been going on and he instantly tried to prescribe me a tablet to stop it! NO NO NO NO! I came off the coil because I am fed up with all these fake hormones being pumped into me. I am not taking more. Find out the reason for it, don't just load me with tablets.

I requested a blood test. The Dr is testing my thyroid, prolactin, iron and other hormones to see what is going on.

Hopefully by the end of the week, I should have the results back.

So to the weigh in!

Starting Weight:


Week 10 Weight:

11st 10lb (No Change)

Total Weight Loss:


Starting Measurements:

Bust 36"
Hips 41" 
Waist 36"
Leg 24"
Arms 13"

Week 8 Measurements:

Bust: 32.5" (1/2" loss from last weigh in)
Hips: 37" (1/2" loss from last weigh in)
Waist: 29" (No Change)
Leg: 20" (1/2" loss from last weigh in)
Arms: 11.5" (1/2" loss from last weigh in)

Total inch Loss

20 inches (2" loss from last weigh in)

I am not surprised I didn't lose any weight, but I am shocked I lost inches! I still feel very fat and bloated at the moment.

So the plan for this week:

Cut down on the cups of tea & Pepsi! (Again)

Tea is my comfort drink especially having two sugars in it! I need to stick to one in the morning and one in the evening. with ONE sugar. I have a strange addiction to Pepsi lately and it's not a habit I want to get into. Matt drinks about 2 litres of the stuff a day

Drink lots of water 

Start recording my calorie intake again with My Fitness Pal 

Cut down on cheese.

It's no secret that I love cheese. I always have a bag of mozzarella in the fridge which I tend to just pick at! This needs to stop.

More exercise.

No brainer right? I need to specifically look at routines to burn my 'love handles away'


Sim's Life


Goal Setting // #5

I didn't set any goals for last week because there were some issues with the HTML for my blog. It wouldn't let me post anything. Also I have been feeling so crap lately because of this constant bleeding, by 8pm I feel like I pass out from being so exhausted.

This Weeks Goals:

Keep writing posts: 

I am trying to be more organised this month, and part of that is to get back in to blogging properly and keep posting posts. So far it's going well.

Sort out appointments:

I need to chase Lucas's SLT follow up appointment, change my dentist appointment and rearrange my Dr's appointment.

Go somewhere with Lucas whilst Cameron is at school:

It seems during the week, mine and Lucas's schedule is based around Cameron's. We drop Cameron off, we come home and then Lucas goes down for a nap. Lucas then wakes up, he has lunch and it's time to go and get Cameron. Pretty boring right? So weather permitting, we are going to take a few trips to the park whilst Cameron is at school.

What are your goals this week?

Meal Plan // 06.07.15

I haven't done a meal plan in a very long time. My last one was back in September last year. It became tricky to do them because our shopping days kept changing each week.

Now they are set at a Monday and have been for a while, I thought it would be a good idea to start meal planning, properly again.

We have also started shopping at Morrisons now because of it's value for money. They compare their prices with Sainsbury's, Aldi, Lidl and Tesco and you get the difference back in vouchers, so you know you are always getting a good deal.

Last week we had to shop at Sainsburys and the road leading to Morrisons was backed up a good 5 miles. We noticed the price difference straight away. We spend £75 a week and always follow a list in Morrisons. We had to miss at least 10 items out because we had hit our £75 budget. I am not sure how they can justify nearly £7 for a kilo of mince, when Morrisons only charge £4. We won't be going back to Sainsbury's again.

So, this weeks meals are:

Monday - Fakeaway.

As Monday night is shopping night, I really don't want to be cooking at 7pm when I have two kids who are hungry and tired. Cameron will have a salad bowl from Morrisons and Lucas will have porridge and yoghurt. When the kids go to bed, Matt & I will have microwaveable Chicken Tikka Masala with chicken pakoras and samosas from the deli counter.

Tuesday - Spaghetti & Meatballs with Garlic Bread

Wednesday - Pasta Bake

Thursday  - Fry Up (Grilled Bacon, Grilled Sausages, Hashbrowns, Fried Bread and Fried Eggs)

Friday - Lasagne, Chips and Garlic Bread

Saturday - Pasta and Sauce for Lucas, Pizza, Wedges and peas for Cameron. Taco's for Matt & I when the kids are in bed

Sunday - Chicken Dippers, Chips and Beans

What's on your menu this week?