Nesting Necessities // Must Haves For Your Nursery

There is a lot to be said for the nesting phase. It inspires you to complete tasks you never thought were possible. And once all that flat-pack furniture is assembled, you make light work of a full-house deep clean. Nothing is safe from your disinfectants and scrubbing brushes. But after all that work it can be easy to forget why it happens in the first place. It is a natural instinct that spurs you on to create the perfect ‘nest’ (nursery) for your baby.


Top Tips For An Incredible Garden This Summer // 26.05.16

Gardening may not be on the top of your list of priorities right now. But having a great garden to enjoy over the whole summer can be bliss. And when you have active kids who just love being outside, your garden can seem like the best play park they can access. So what can you do to make your garden incredible for this summer? There are plenty of great ideas. And many of them are ideal for the whole the family to enjoy.


The Best Children's Birthday Party Themes // 24.05.15

All kids want to have a memorable birthday party, and there are plenty of ways to ensure your child has a ball with his or her friends with ideas from Strawberry Children. Themed parties are very popular and can be held at home or at hired venues.

Often some creativity and imagination is all it takes to create the ideal party theme, and you'll find fantastic ideas online to get things going.

How to adjust your kids sleeping pattern for Lighter Nights // 24.05.16

The team at Childrens Bed Shop know all too well that the change in British summertime hours can cause havoc when it comes to bedtime for small children.

The hour switch is perhaps less difficult in winter when the evenings are dark and everyone is naturally more tired. But the March shift to British summer time means that bedtime is suddenly still a bright hour, and it can be hard to persuade your little ones to stick to their routine!

Of course, for older children, a bedroom décor refresh can sometimes be enough of an incentive to get into those PJs at the designated hour - but what do you do with babies and children?


Preparing Your Home for a Growing Family // 19.05.16

Whether you’re going from two to three, three to four, or four to more, making your home meet your needs as a family can be easier than first thought. It just requires a little streamlining in terms of your possessions, how you use the space you have and some clever tips to getting more from it.

So, there’s no need to put up the ‘for sale’ sign just yet…


The Man On The Bus Who Called My Son A Twat // 16.05.16

I've debated over the last week whether to write this post or not.

I have so many feelings about that event still ranging from sadness to a lot of anger.

We haven't used public transport for over a year. If Matt had the car, then we would walk. That day was a different day. Cameron was recovering from viral induced wheeze and was still on steroids and Lucas was headed the same way. I needed to take Lucas to the Dr's and because of Cameron's chest, I decided it would be best for us to get the bus so he didn't have to walk far.


HOTPOINT RSG964JW SMART+ Washing Machine // Review

When I was asked to test out the Hotpoint RSG964JW Smart + Washing Machine, I was really excited, especially with the fact that it boasted a 9kg drum.

With two very messy boys and a Matt, my previous washing machine was always on the go and I never seemed to be able to get through the mountain of washing in my kitchen. Whilst I must admit my previous washing machine was an absolutely brilliant machine, the drum on my old washing machine was only a 7kg. This meant when the kids were ill at night and their bedding needed washing, I had to wash their duvets by hand in the bath. They took forever to dry, even if left to dry on the radiators.


One Month Smoke Free // 14.05.16

The last time I spoke about giving up smoking was when I reviewed the Vype E Tank back at the beginning of April.

I must admit for a week after I wrote that review, I was really struggling. I caved in and bought tobacco. I was still using the Vype during the day but I really needed a proper cigarette in the mornings and the evenings. I was even sneakily having one during the day on some days.

I felt awful and I felt like a failure. Not only was I letting myself down, I was letting Matt down, who was actually just getting on without smoking and not complaining about the cravings.

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