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Please follow your hosts, the first two entries in the linky. Please also follow the two people directly ahead of you in the linky.

Please add your hosts, the first two entries in the linky. Please also add the two entries directly ahead of you.

Please follow your hosts, the first two entries in the linky. Please also follow the two entries directly ahead of you in the linky.

Please follow your hosts, the first two entries in the linky. Please also follow the two entries directly ahead of you in the linky.

Please follow your hosts, the first two entries in the linky. Please also follow the two entries directly ahead of you in the linky.

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Word Of The Week // 03.07.15

This week my word is HOT!

Last week, I knew that we were in for 'a heatwave' and I was adamant I was not going to spend another summer in Jeans so I bought some new shorts and a selection of strappy tops to go with it.

I am so glad I bought these new clothes!

This week has been so hot. It's been sticky and unbareable. I've made no secret with the fact that I hate summer. I do enjoy a bit of sunshine but if it goes over 22 degrees, I really start to suffer.

Lucas has really been suffering with the heat, his hair is wringing wet from sweat all day and night despite only being in a nappy. Cameron can tollerate the heat better than Lucas, but it still gets too much for him. Poor Matt gets sunstroke after being in the heat for an hour.

So as a family we are pretty rubbish in the summer, unless we are at the seaside or there is a lovely breeze.

Wednesday was the hottest day of the week in Bath so far.

I actually refused to do the afternoon school run unless Matt took me in the car so I could sit with the air con on.

No wonder I didn't want to do it when I found that the temperature was 36degrees!!

Today is a bit cooler because of the rain we had yesterday but i feel like i've been cooking all week from the heat, it's going to take a while for me to cool down.

The Reading Residence


Great Value Camping Equipment // From Aldi

Aldi have released two new ranges of camping equipment recently to make you camping experience more enjoyable.

Whether you are a solo camper or family camper, Aldi have a wide range of camping equipment to ensure a successful camping trip and it won't cost 'an arm and a leg' to buy!

We were sent an self inflating mat, a mummy-style sleeping bag and an orb light to test out.

Self Inflating Mat £13.99

When I first saw the mat, I wasn't quite sure how it worked, I had never heard or used one before. So imagine my delight when I opened it up and it began to inflate... on it's own....!!! How cool is that. No sore cheeks or dizzy feeling from blowing, this was an instant hit.

When it's inflated, you turn the cap to stop the air coming back out! When you want to deflate it, you unscrew the cap slightly, the air starts coming out. I have found that if you roll it whilst the cap is unscrewed, the air comes out much quicker!

When inflated, it provides a firm but comfortable base to lie/sit on. It doesn't inflate as big as a blow-up-bed but in my opinion (having slept on a fair few blow-up-beds over the years) the self inflating mat has more stability and comfort.

Unfortunately as I had flu on the weekend we decided to go camping, we never got to try this out over night!

However! I have taken it down the park with me on several occasions and this beats any picnic mat I have ever sat on. No hard ground to sit on and no wet bums from wet grass.

This would also be perfect for sleep overs when there are not enough beds to go around.

Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag £17.99

The Mummy-Style Sleeping Bag features a two layer construction, integrated hood and a full length zip which can be connected to another sleeping bag to make it bigger! It also comes with a neat little storage bag so you can store your sleeping bag away easily when not needed.

As above, I didn't get to test this out camping which was a shame. However! I did use this last week. I had a rare episode of not being able to sleep, so I ended up on the sofa watching Pretty Little Liars at 3am in the morning. It can get quite chilly at 3am in the morning. With no 'adult sized' blankets around, I wrapped myself up in the sleeping bag. I kept both my balcony doors open to see if I would still be warm and I was. (Might as well do something useful at 3am in the morning right?) I was so cozy I then fell asleep really easily, only waking up when Cameron came in and asked me why I had slept on the sofa.

Again, I think this product would be great for sleepovers. I always took a sleeping bag to a sleep over when I was younger. It was the done thing back in the 90's/00's

Orb Light £3.99

The Orb Light runs off one AA battery and has three settings, continuous light, 50% light and flashing light. It can be hung up using the clip attached to the top of it, It also has a glow in the dark switch so you can turn it on with ease.

Cameron has been using the continuous light setting to find his way to the bathroom at night and as a generic night light.

I have found that the 50% light has a buzzing to it that only I seem to be able to hear.

I am not quite sure why you would use the flashing function of the light in a tent unless you are holding a mini disco but it's still a cool function. An experienced camper may even tell me it's a necessity.

Overall, it's a fabulous price and is rated for 100,000 hours (4 hours continuous per battery) which is 10x that of an energy saving bulb.

Please see below for the complete range of camping equipment and accessories that Aldi has to offer.

Adventure Camping Range in store from 21st May and available while stocks last

9” Dual DVD In-Car Entertainment
Dome Tent
Camping Bed
Hiking Tent
Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
Premium Camping Chair
Carry Truck
Self-Inflating Mat
Folding Barbecue
Trekking Sandals
Portable Gas Cooker
3W Led Trekking Torch
Sleeping Bag Liner
Carabiner Mugs 2 PK
Gas Canister Refill 4PK
Tent Tidy
Orb Light

Family Camping Range in stores 25th June and available while stocks last

Five Man Tent
Heavy Duty Folding Trolley
Camping Kitchen/Cupboard
Electric Coolbox
Hammock with Stand
Dual Burner with Grill
Trekking Backpack
Four Person Picnic Bag
Folding Camping Table
Moon Camping Chair
Pop Up Tent
Comfort Sleeping Bag
Free Standing Rotary Dryer
Children’s Comfort Sleeping Bag
Double Air Bed
Multi-Purpose Floor Mats
Walking Shoes
Windbreak (Large)
Children’s Trekking Sandals
Shopping Basket
Electric Air Pump
Men’s Midweight Cotton Rich Socks
Men’s Clogs
Ladies’ Clogs
12 Led Lantern
Camping Head Torch
Water Bottle 700ml
Anti-Shock Insoles

Have you ever been camping? Do you go regularly?

Note: I was sent products free of charge to review and give my honest, independently formed opinion. I received no monetary compensation for this post.  


Weekly Weigh In // Week 10

Last week I wrote about having the coil out and how I know it had contributed to my excessive weight gain since Lucas was born. The last 7 days have been hell. I have been bleeding constantly and I have the period bloat-y-ness that every woman hates. My hormones are still all over the place, I am moody, constantly tired and poor Matt has been my verbal punching bag. I've booked a Dr's appointment, hoping to get a blood test to see what the hell is going on with my body at the moment. 

Due to everything going on, I can honestly say I was not one bit surprised at the below results. 

Starting Weight:


Week 10 Weight:

11st 10lb (+1lb since last week)

Total Weight Loss:


Starting Measurements:

Bust 36"
Hips 41" 
Waist 36"
Leg 24"
Arms 13"

Week 8 Measurements:

Bust: 33" (1/2" loss from last weigh in)
Hips: 37.5" (1/2" gain from last weigh in)
Waist: 29" (No Change)
Leg: 20.5" (1/2" loss from last weigh in)
Arms: 12" (No Change)

Total inch Loss

18 inches (1/2" loss from last weigh in)

I was mortified I put on 1lb. I was kind of hoping that the weight would just start dropping off now the coil was out. I am hoping to get some answers at the Dr's appointment. Perhaps my body is having a harder time flushing out the hormones that I first thought. Or maybe my prolactin levels are sky high again. But i'll leave that story for another day.

So basically the plan for the next week is the same as last week. I am not going to go on a crazy 'I'm starving myself so I can lose weight' and I am not going to eat like a pig. I will eat 'normally' and see how I go. At the moment, I feel like I kind of have to let my body sort itself out before I can commit to anything drastic. Stopping bleeding would be brilliant as well!


Sim's Life

Wordless Wednesday // 01.07.15


Speech Therapy with Lucas // Here we go again

I am no stranger to Speech Therapy. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know Cameron's speech was the reason why I started My Life As A Mummy.

Fast forward nearly three years and we are back at Speech Therapy, but this time with Lucas. The only difference this time is we were referred (at my request) because of his feeding problems.

The actual meeting about his feeding went really well. Apparently I am doing everything I should be and that there is nothing further they can do for Lucas in that respect. He is eating everything he should be eating and the fact that he eats normal food instead of pureed means we are on the right track.

Then the concerns came.

At the time of the meeting Lucas refused to hold his own bottle to drink out of. He refuses to drink out of a cup/beaker so we are stuck on a bottle. Not ideal, but I am in no rush for him to give them up.

This is where the questions began about Lucas's hands.

Will he hold his own finger food? 

No, not really. He's a lazy monkey and it's easier for me to do it.

Will he put objects in his mouth?

The only things he puts in his mouth is food (and his straps from his car seat. Other than that it's very rare that anything goes in Lucas's mouth. It's a thing I picked up on when he was younger. At first I thought it was strange, then I dismissed it and then I thought it was novel that I didn't really have to baby proof my own house.

Does he use his thumb and finger to pick things up?

Nope. (Nor did Cameron for ages in Lucas's defense)

I am sure there were other questions but I can't remember.

Anyway. Conclusion of the meeting. They are concerned that he has a slight delay with his fine motor skills.

I am not shocked. I am not disappointed. Part of me is like 'here we go again' but part of me knows that it's not really a problem and he will 'grow out of it'

The plan of action is to have a meeting mid July with the SLT and Occupational Therapy worker to see what they think. They say Lucas may benefit from some extra play sessions.

I have made it abundantly clear to the SLT that this is for observation only. If anyone mentions anything Autistic I will stop the meeting instantly and I will pull Lucas out. This is from past history with Cameron where a speech therapist tried to diagnose him as autistic when he quite clearly wasn't.

I will update when I know more.