The Gallery - Halloween

I am joining in with The Gallery again this week.

You can read more about it here

This weeks theme is Halloween.

I haven't really celebrated Halloween for over 10 years. I suppose I just grew out of it and also Cameron has been too young to understand until now.

He has been really excited about Halloween this year and loved his Pre-School Halloween Party. 

So this year we bought pumpkins to carve. 

And had great fun carving them.

I'm not sure if I am taking Cam trick or treating tonight. I am not sure that the neighbours around here will be very appreciative or even open the door.

How times have changed.

When I was little, everyone took part in Halloween. It was always so much fun. I always used to come home with enough sweets to last me half a year. I always went out as a witch. I had a latex green nose, my Mum would do my makeup and my outfit would be a simple black bin bag covered in glow in the dark stars and not forgetting my broom, which I still have in my Mum's attic. 

I would really love to experience an American Halloween with Cameron, they seem to really go all out on Halloween even decorating their houses. It looks like so much fun!

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  1. Love the pumpkin and the skeleton outfit! My sons dressed up as a pumpkin and a bat and then did apple bobbing - water went everywhere but they loved it! Hope trick-or-treating was fun if you went...

    1. Apple Bobbing is such fun, I can't wait until Cam can do this! Didn't go trick or treating. Will aim to go next year x x x


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