Mr Nutcase - Personalised Phone Case Review

When the lovely team at Mr Nutcase offered me a chance to review their personalised phone cases, I jumped at the chance.

A few days prior to that my screen on my iphone had randomly cracked whilst I was on the phone. I had to remove it from it's previous case to get it fixed and that snapped as I was taking it out. So I needed a new case and a new case pronto. I have no phone insurance on this phone and didn't want to fork out any money replacing it.

Designing a phone case with Mr Nutcase is so simple to do. You can choose from a pre-selected design or you can create your own.

You can create a case for a wide variety of phones and even customise your own ipad case.

You can choose from: A ultra light weight slim line case, a leather case or a full wrap around premium case. Each are reasonably priced.

I chose to do an ultra light weight slim line case for my custom iphone case

Customising your own phone case is very fun to do. There are many templates you can use and you can add graphics and fonts as well.

Once you have finished designing your awesome new case you can pay by paypal or by card.

Delivery is very quick. Less than 36 hours after designing my case, it arrived in the post.

I am very pleased with my new case. This picture really doesn't do it justice. It is a lot clearer and brighter in real life (I blame my phone for the awful photo)

It looks and feels professional. It doesn't look like the pictures will 'scratch' off like what you can experience with other custom cases.

Despite being light weight, it actually seems very durable. I have dropped my iphone since having the case on. The case and the iphone have remained intact.

I would highly recommend Mr Nutcase to anyone who would like to have a custom case for their phone, which is reasonably priced and at the same time offers you protection.

As a thank you from Mr Nutcase they are offering you, my readers 10% off your custom phone case using the discount code 'Thanku10' 

Note: I did not receive any money for writing this review, I did however get to design and keep my own custom phone case. All opinions are my own and independently formed 


  1. One pony themed iphone cover on its way! And with a discount too! Thank you - my daughter will love it, and I'll come back in autumn when I upgrade my phone to get one too. :-)

    1. I am glad you got the phone case you wanted (after seeing the pic on Twitter) x x x

  2. I read about good review about Mr.Nutcase cases.
    It might be time to get a new case too :-)

    1. I really can't fault them! Will definitely be going back, not cause I need a new case, more because I want one lol! x x x

  3. I have a Mr Nutcase case too, I got one of some fireworks at Disney world from my holiday to Florida! It's a great way to keep all your favourite memories close by =)

    Corinne x

    1. That sounds like an awesome case!!!

      Laura x x x


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