One in four Brits don’t know the best way to clean themselves

(and they’re not going to find out if they can’t talk about it…)

An estimated 15 million Brits are unsure how to clean themselves properly after going to the toilet, a new health report by Andrex® has revealed.The comprehensive study into the bathroom habits of the nation reported the alarming statistic that almost a third of Brits (29%) felt they could be cleaner after going to the toilet. Despite 97% saying that being and feeling clean is important to them, the report revealed that 37% are wiping themselves incorrectly (15% wipe back to front, 22% wipe both ways.)

The report discovered that not feeling clean after going to the toilet can have a major impact on how we feel.  However the positives of being clean were also clear, with people saying it helped them feel more fresh, confident, and happy.

The nation’s discomfort in talking openly about the subject - 83% of over 2,000 people questioned said that cleaning their intimate areas is too personal to discuss with anybody – has reinforced the confusion felt around how to clean ourselves properly. It has also made it difficult for the public to understand ways to be cleaner, according to the research commissioned as part of the Andrex® Clean Report. 

GP and author Dr Carol Cooper commented: 

“The importance both physically and psychologically of being and 
feeling clean after going to the bathroom is huge. Poor intimate hygiene
 can potentially lead to health problems, and psychologically 
it can also affect mood, self-esteem and confidence.  
Being cleaner has a huge range of associated physical and emotional benefits.”

In response to the research findings, Andrex® has developed the Andrex® Clean Routine in partnership with healthcare professionals. It's a simple five-step routine designed to improve everyone's understanding of the best way to clean themselves, and also to help people feel cleaner after going to the toilet. 

"Despite it being a natural and important health function,
information about the risks and rewards of effective bottom wiping are in 
short supply. Advice to help people to understand the critical importance of
intimate care to our overall wellbeing is essential. The Andrex Clean Routine
is an important asses in helping people to understand the best way to clean
yourself, and it's great the brand is leading the way in this vital information"
Dr Cooper added

Other key findings or information:
  • 63% of people consider toilet roll to be the most important item in the bathroom
  • 58% of people will find another public toilet if the one they go to does not have toilet roll.
  • 9% of people wash in the bath or shower immediately after going to the toilet.

Karel van der Mandele, marketing Director for Andrex® commented:

"Our inability to talk about how important it is to have a clean bottom leads
how being truly clean can have a positive effect on your life, as well as developing 
the Andrex® Clean Routine to help people feel
cleaner and more confident in five simple steps.
After all, talking clean isn't dirty"

Note: I received compensation for this press release 


  1. Some interesting stats here. We are currently trying to teach out two kids how to wipe properly. Who knew it was such a minefield!x

    1. I also found the stats interesting. Strange though because I never 'pat dry' afterwards. Really feel like I should now! Ha!! x x x


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